Board of Supervisors Adds Education as a Guiding Goal

Released March 15

On March 12 the Marin County Board of Supervisors issued a proclamation that added a fourth “e” to their guiding goals that include environment, economy and equity. This followed their pledge in December to work with MarinKids to ensure opportunities for all children in Marin to have healthy successful lives. The Board acknowledged MarinKids for bringing forward to the Board the wide gap in academic achievement among Marin’s students and offering recommendations for closing the gap.

The Proclamation offered Board support “when applicable” with initiatives, such as:

  • Universal access to quality preschool for all 4-year-old children in Marin
  • Providing an enriched curricula and academic assistance programs in every school
  • Ensuring that high schools provide a college preparatory curriculum for all students
  • Supporting disadvantaged students to aim toward college through scholarships, mentoring, and outreach
  • Ensuring quality nutrition of healthy foods in school programs to build healthy bodies and minds
  • Supporting summer enrichment programs

By adding language to federal and state legislative policy guidelines, the Board will strengthen its advocacy efforts on education.

Dana King, MarinKids Leadership Committee Chair, commended the Board for their responsiveness to the aim of putting our children and youth at the top of the agenda.  Dana recognized that the Board of Supervisors can be a powerful voice for children and she committed MarinKids and our partners to work with the Board to advocate at the local, state and federal levels to improve educational opportunity and quality.

Kim Mazzuca, MarinKids Leadership Committee and President of 10000 Degrees, urged the Board to be impatient for progress, expect accountability, and bring forward the conversation about equity of opportunity for children in Marin.

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