Local, regional and national efforts of individuals, groups, businesses, organizations, policymakers and policymaking bodies to advocate for kids, spearhead change to address inequities and support opportunities for all children are highlighted.

  • Pickleweed Preschool

    The City of San Rafael provides a federally subsidized preschool program open to 3-5 year old students located in the Canal neighborhood at Pickleweed Community Center. The program serves many children that would not have the opportunity for school preparation who now can enter San Rafael City Schools ready to learn..

  • Community-wide Efforts to Improve Academic Success

    A group of leaders in Marin is exploring a national model to support the drive for academic success for all our children.   In Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, STRIVE brought together local leaders to tackle student achievement.   In the four years since the model was launched, indicators of student success have improved across three large public school districts, including high school graduation rates, fourth-grade reading and math scores, and the number of preschool children prepared for kindergarten.   Using a Collective Impact framework, leaders of local organizations, including the heads of influential private and corporate foundations, city government officials, school district representatives, the presidents of universities and community colleges, and the executive directors of education-related nonprofit and advocacy groups, focus on a single set of goals, measured in the same way.  They also created “Student Success Networks” to align efforts and monitor progress.

  • Dominican Service Learning Project: Facing the Educational Achievement Gap

    A unique Dominican service learning project, Inside Out: Facing the Gap, seeks to raise awareness about educational inequity in Marin.  Dominican University Service Leaning Director, Julia Van der Ryn and art professor, Lynn Sondag, guided students from Domincan University, the Canal Alliance Youth Scholarship Program and mothers from the Marin Young Mom’s group in creating the project. Students use photos and powerful statements to share what having the opportunity to gain an education means to them and the struggles many have had in reaching their goals:

    “Equality in education is important to me because our society and future depend on the education system.”    ––Alexis Rodriguez, Young Moms

    “Education for me is a way to have a better future, to show what you are and you aren’t. I hope to achieve a better education than what my parents did because they couldn’t get more education because they didn’t have much money and they started having children when they were young. I hope to go to college at least. For me this issue about the education is so important because I think that if people keep studying they can have better jobs and lives.”  ––Adolfo Aguilar, San Rafael High sophomore and Canal Alliance Youth Scholarship Program.

    To learn more about this project visit the Inside Out website, visit the Bellam Boulevard undercrossing to view the display and read the Marin IJ article about the project.