Local, regional and national efforts of individuals, groups, businesses, organizations, policymakers and policymaking bodies to advocate for kids, spearhead change to address inequities and support opportunities for all children are highlighted.

  • Early Childhood Special Needs/Mental Health Initiative

    Early detection and connection to services lead to the best outcomes for children with developmental or behavioral challenges.   Last year, 3,600 infants and young children in Marin were screened for early signs of developmental delays and disabilities.  When issues were found, parents were provided education and linked to available services to address them.   The Early Childhood Special Needs/Mental Health Initiative provides a coordinated and seamless system of outreach and information, and developmental screening for developmental delays, disabilities and social/emotional and behavioral issues.   The effort involves healthcare providers (Kaiser Permanente and Marin Community Clinics) and early childhood education sites.

  • Marin Children’s Health Initiative (CHI)

    Marin’s CHI is a success story.   The goal of the Marin Children’s Health Initiative is to improve healthcare access for all of Marin’s low income children and youth by finding the uninsured, enrolling them, linking them to services, increasing retention, and providing funding to ensure children in families from 200% to 299% of the federal poverty level have access to affordable health insurance.   The Initiative works because Marin County Health and Human Services, Kaiser Permanente, Marin Community Clinics, Marin Community Foundation, First 5 Marin, schools and others all joined together to implement a solution that can insure the greatest number of children.   In 2012, 99.5% of children 0-17 years of age in Marin were insured.