Local, regional and national efforts of individuals, groups, businesses, organizations, policymakers and policymaking bodies to advocate for kids, spearhead change to address inequities and support opportunities for all children are highlighted.

  • A Countywide Approach to Preventing Childhood Obesity

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends community-wide approaches to reducing childhood obesity.   The Marin Healthy Eating, Active Living (HEAL) Framework developed in 2011 is bringing together community members and leaders throughout the county to implement strategies laid out in the plan.  Three implementation workgroups have formed: one directed at active living across the lifespan; one targeted early childhood, schools and afterschool, and a group focused on food systems.   HEAL is actively recruiting community members to get involved in developing programs, policies and accountability measures.


  • Healthy Foods at School

    Novato Unified School District has made significant strides toward making school lunches more healthful, reducing access to sodas and banning junk food vendors near schools.   One of the partners working with the district is the Marin Organic School Lunch and Gleaning Program.   The program is helping to transform the school lunch choices by offering a combination of purchased and gleaned food from Marin Organic farms to participating schools throughout the county.   “Gleaned” food is produce that would otherwise be left in the fields because it doesn’t meet the strict aesthetic requirements of restaurants and retail markets. This can account for up to 20% of what is grown, and throughout the year may include potatoes, squashes, spinach, leeks, beets, carrots, arugula, lettuces.   In addition, the program offers meats, eggs, yogurt, ice cream and more.   Each week the program enables 12,000 children to eat organic foods grown from Marin soils.