Here is just a sample of what we in Marin can do together. These are local solutions that individuals, policymakers and businesses can support and implement.

To fight obesity, community changes that increase access to healthy foods and physical activity can be important.  These include increasing access to grocery stores or farmers markets that offer plenty of healthful food such as fruits  and vegetables, and offering schools meals that are healthy. It is also important to promote daily physical activity by making sure children can ride their bikes or walk safely to school, and have safe places to play after school.Support and help develop community gardens.

Take Action

  • Support regular physical education programs in schools
  • Support afterschool physical activity and sports programs
  • Make sure school meals follow guidelines for nutritious, low fat, reduced-calorie choices
  • Adopt zoning policies that restrict fast-food restaurants near school grounds and public playgrounds.
  • Have a master plan for walking and biking in the community.
  • Create safe walking environments, connecting to schools, parks and other places.
  • Build and maintain parks and playgrounds that are safe, attractive and close to residential areas.

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