Join MarinKids and The Children's Movement in moving forward the Pro-Kids Agenda. The agenda aligns with MarinKids policy agenda for Educational Equity, Health Access and Wellness. Let's work together to give children a strong voice at the table. You can make a difference now by letting your elected officials know where you stand. Send an email now by clicking on the action alerts below.

Correcting unfair, ineffective discipline practices in California’s schools

Join the MarinKids and The Children’s Movement in building support for Assembly Bill 420, which would correct school discipline practices that we know (1) don’t work and (2) unfairly impact children of color. The bill will be heard in the Assembly Education Committee next week. Thanks to everyone who’s taken action through the Movement to support AB 420 already.

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 Make Health Reform Work for Our Kids

The Legislature and Governor are still debating how to do what’s required by the federal health care reform law in California. Join MarinKids and the Children’s Movement to make sure kids’ health needs are front and center in the decisions getting made. We’re also pushing the state’s leaders to act quickly, because their attention needs to shift to preparing for the enrollment of many more kids and families into available health insurance options.

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