Social media is a way to facilitate conversation online and involve more people in advocating and acting on behalf of our kids. Using social media, MarinKids will foster a community that cares about all kids among Marin residents.

We will facilitate policy discussions and build consensus in support of MarinKids’ mission, and provide a resource to participant’s to educate and inform others about opportunities to better the lives of all of Marin’s children.

• Join our conversation: on Facebook, on Twitter. Learn how below.

• Learn how you can participate through social media.

• Learn how MarinKids is using social media.

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How MarinKids is using social media

MarinKids has launched a website ( to serve as the centerpiece of the organization’s social media activities. To generate a dialog with and among county residents, policy makers, local businesses, educational institutions and other organizations, MarinKids has established a presence on Facebook and Twitter. Over the coming months and years, MarinKids will use its Facebook Fan Page and Twitter Profile Page to:

• Build a community of interest around issues relevant to the health and wellbeing
of Marin’s children

• Provide public education and information on issues relevant to Marin’s children

• Create dialog around and discussion about what we can do at the local, state
and national level to improve the lives of all Marin’s children.

We Invite You to Participate

Getting involved is easy. If you don’t already have a Facebook and or a Twitter profile, create one. Simply go to or and follow the simple instructions. Once you have joined, find MarinKids by typing “MarinKids” into the search bar on either service. On Facebook you can become a “fan” of the MarinKids Fan Page. On Twitter you can “follow” MarinKids.

Once you sign up and “fan” and/or “follow” us, you can become part of the dialog, raise your voice for the kids of our county, and help ensure policy makers and community leaders are always putting kids first.