We imagine a Marin where all children are safe, fed, housed, healthy, nurtured and educated to their full potential.

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We ❤️ these summer school lesson plans from What Do We Do All Day?!

Great ideas to help your kids learning all summer long!
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Trump vows mass immigration arrests, removals of ‘millions of illegal aliens’ starting next week, stay alert, stay silent, don't open your doors. Report ICE sightings in Marin to Marin Rapid Response Network marinrrn.org ... See MoreSee Less

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MarinKids works to influence public policy and strengthen Marin’s commitment to provide all Marin’s children and youth with equitable opportunities they need to achieve their fullest potential.

Our children’s long-term wellbeing and Marin’s civic and economic future hinge on ensuring each child has:

  • Consistent, preventive medical, dental and mental health screening and care
  • Access to affordable, quality child care
  • A preschool experience that prepares him/her for kindergarten success
  • An exemplary education each and every year of school K-12
  • Freedom from obesity, with good nutrition and physical fitness
  • The opportunity to attend college or learn a rewarding occupation
  • A safe, suitable place to live and enough healthy food to eat

Get Informed! Read our Data & Action Guide.

MarinKids focuses primarily on local and state policy issues that impact children’s health and welfare in three core areas: Economic Sufficiency, Education and Health and Wellness.

The opportunity to make a difference for Marin’s children and youth is ours. Times such as these call for local community solutions. And, we believe that in Marin, we can make this vision real. Now is the time to work together.

MarinKids 2016 Data & Action Guide

Read our 2016 Action Guide

The MarinKids 2016 Data & Action Guide provides a deeper look at how all our kids are faring on key indicators of economic sufficiency, academic performance and health and wellness. Benchmarks are tracked over time and include a closer look at economic and racial/ethnic differences among students.

The Data & Action Guide is divided into four sections: Demographics, Economic Sufficiency, Education and Health and Wellness. Each section reviews data on key indicators, provides research and information from experts and recommends policies and actions that can improve outcomes for all children in Marin.

Download the 2016 Data & Action Guide here


Imagine the possibilities when each child knows there are opportunities around every corner.

 By many measures, most of Marin’s children are doing well. But, this is not the whole story.

Many Marin County kids are not part of these positive statistics. Among children who are economically disadvantaged or Latino or African American, data show that the barriers to success are significantly greater. Even as Marin County ranks high among other counties in California on measures of child wellbeing, a majority of our children who are poor or racially diverse do not meet state targets in math and English. Fewer graduate from high school on time, attend preschool, or are at a healthy weight.

Visit our Policy Pages: Education, Health & Wellness, and Economic Sufficiency to find relevant research, data and downloadable charts.

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