MarinKids is a 501C3 organization dedicated to the welfare of all Marin children and youth. MarinKids envisions a Marin where every child is safe, fed, housed, healthy, nurtured and educated to his/her full potential.

We are dedicated to building a community in Marin that has at its heart a belief that caring for all the children is our collective responsibility and one that acts to realize that belief. Our focus is on placing children at the top of the agenda in Marin.

We do this through strong partnerships, policy advocacy, research and public education, mobilizing leadership and expanding and leveraging resources to implement impactful, sustainable change to assure every child in Marin has the opportunity for a healthy and successful life.

Along with our Board of Directors, MarinKids Leadership Committee guides the work of MarinKids. Our members represent business, government, politics, healthcare, education, non-profits, faith-based organizations, and philanthropies. We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to succeed – that every child counts.

We work with our partners to increase equitable access to services and support that will ensure each child and youth in Marin has:
  • Consistent, preventive medical, dental and mental health screening and care
  • Access to affordable, quality child care
  • A preschool experience that prepares him/her for kindergarten success
  • An exemplary education each and every year of school K-12
  • Freedom from obesity, with good nutrition and physical fitness
  • The opportunity to attend college or learn a rewarding occupation
  • A safe, suitable place to live and enough healthy food to eat

We invite you to join us…

to be informed, set goals for change, and take action that supports success for all kids.

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Striving to make kids a priority since our launch in 2010, MarinKids has…
  1. Educated the community, policymakers and voters on issues that affect outcomes for children and youth in Marin:
  • We have a resource rich website and other social media forums to inform and engage the public about the health, education and welfare of all our children in Marin.
  • We promote a child-focused policy agenda and report measures for community accountability.
  • We research, gather and communicate data and best practices to drive decision-making and spur investments in strategies that address equitable opportunities for all children.
  • We publish Data and Action Guides to educate the community about how our children are faring.
  • We develop and distribute Voter Education Guides on issues important to the welfare of children.
  1. Mobilized advocacy for policy change and public investments in key strategies and approaches that support academic achievement, child health, wellness, and safety and reduce the impacts of poverty and racial disparities.
  • We have elevated discussions at the Board of Supervisors and other policy bodies about the disparities in educational and health outcomes for children from low-income families in Marin and what we can do to give every child in Marin a real chance for a healthy, successful life.
  • We facilitate and staff the Marin Strong Start Coalition’s effort to increase sustainable resources to fund equitable access to preschool, quality child care, health care services and academic support for children.
  • We join with local and statewide partners to advocate for issues that impact children such as health insurance coverage, early education expansion, child care and housing for children in poor families.

Core Beliefs

MarinKids has a set of core beliefs to guide our actions and activities. They are:

Equal Opportunity
Every child has a fundamental right to equal opportunities for education, health and wellbeing.

Collective Responsibility
It is our collective obligation as a community to provide equitable opportunities for all our children.

Embracing Diversity
We are enriched through the cultural diversity of our community.

We must measure tangible change and hold ourselves accountable. This change requires action as well as resources from all sectors of the community: Voluntary, Institutional, Governmental, and Philanthropic.

Now is the Time

The time to act is now to assure our children have the expectation of a better life.

Marin Can

It is within our reach in Marin to provide opportunities for all our children.

We thank our sponsors and partners who support the efforts of MarinKids to educate, motivate and advocate on behalf of all children in Marin.


The MarinKids Leadership Committee members represent community leaders from various sectors throughout the county including community organizations, education, government, faith, media and business. See highlights of Leadership Committee members.

Meredith Parnell, Executive Director, MarinKids

MarinKids Board of Directors and Leadership Committee

Jenny Callaway
Congressman Jared Huffman’s office
President, MarinKids Board of Directors

Patty Garbarino
President and CEO, Marin Sanitary Service
Treasurer, MarinKids Board of Directors

Amy L. Reisch
Executive Director, First 5 Marin
Secretary, MarinKids Board of Directors

Pat Kendall
Kaiser Permanente;
Member, MarinKids Board of Directors


Leadership Committee Members

Jeff Bialik
Executive Director of Catholic Charities CYO

Mary Jane Burke
Superintendent, Marin County Schools

Pam Champion Franklin, PhD
Executive Director, Marin School Volunteers

Michael Daly
Chief Probation Officer for Marin County

Aideen Gaidmore
Executive Director, Marin Child Care Council

Pepe Gonzales
Prinicipal, Laurel Dell

Cio Hernandez
Mental Health Counselor Practitioner, Women’s Health Services Teen Clinic;

Kim Mazzuca
President, 10,000 Degrees

Heather Ravani
Associate Director, Department of Health and Human Services

Mary Kay Sweeney
Executive Director, Homeward Bound

Mike Watenpaugh
Superintendent, San Rafael City Schools

Cecilia Zamora
Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Marin